Process Technology Projects




Agrium Conda, USA

New Prayon Reactor, Filtration, Wet Rock Grinding, Clarification, etc.
Granulation Plant Modernization including new pipe reactor installation and Ammonia Vaporizer
Coordination of FMC PPA Project

Cargill Fertilizer
(now Mosaic)
Florida, USA

Rock Mill Conversion
DAP Plant Scrubber modifications
Prayon Reactor Modernization

Farmland Hydro, LP (Mosaic) Florida, USA DAP Cooler Revamp
J.  R.  Simplot Idaho, USA

Plant Modernization & Upgrade
Design of Phosacid Evaporator
Batch Defluorination System

A & W Troy (Innophos) Mexico

Phosacid Plant Revamp
Water Recycle Project
Conversion to DCS

Ausenco Australia

Cooling Tower Replacement
WMC Phosphate Complex Expansion

IFDC/Engro Pakistan Redesign of dust collection system in NPK
Fedmis RSA Phosacid defluorination
LIFOSA Lithuania Phosacid & DAP revamp
Serrana Brazil Animal Feed (Dical) plant – conversion from powder to mini-granular product.
Solorrico Brazil Dical, SSP, NPK plant revamp
Texuna, UK Uzbekistan Fertilizer Plant Modernization
Ultrafertil Brazil Phosacid Plant Upgrade – conversion of Dorr-Oliver (Jacobs) plant to Prayon plant. Addition of Low-level Flash Cooler and Evaporator Entrainment Separator
OCP Morocco MCP and DCP plant conversions

Equipment Supply





Agrium US Conda, USA

Pipe reactor.
Waste-Heat Ammonia Vaporizer
Mixing Tees for Phosphoric Acid Plant Reactor

Cargill Fertilizer
(now Mosaic)
Florida, USA

DAP Plant Scrubber.
Prayon Reactor Modernization. Flash Cooler.
Waste-Heat Ammonia Vaporizer
Reactor Agitator.
Cross-flow scrubber

J. R. Simplot Idaho, USA

Phosphoric acid plant mixing tees.
Cross-flow scrubber

OCP Jorf Lasfar,Morocco Mixing Tees for Phosphoric Acid Plant Reactor
Serrana Brazil SPINDEN Reactor (for Dical)



Engineering Projects




A & W Americas VA

Environmental Audit, Copebrás, Brazil
Evaluation of Mine Reserves, USA

Agrifos Fertilizer Inc. Nichols, FL Minerals Support Services
Agrifos Fertilizer Inc. Pasadena, TX Review Cooling Tower Performance for Plant Audit
Agrium US Inc. Soda Springs, ID

Ammonia Vaporizer - Basic Engineering
Mine, Phosphoric Acid and Granulation Plant Audits
Plant Expansion – Basic Engineering
MAP/DAP Plant Upgrade Full Feasibility Study and Basic Engineering

Agrium Canada Inc. Canada

Mining Study / Prayon Phosphoric Acid Plant Kapuskasing Project
MAP Plant Upgrade
Pond Water System Modernization

Aker Kvaerner/EMD
Bridgewater, NJ Project Management
Aker Kvaerner/EMD
Bridgewater, NJ Project Management

Alcoa Aluminum & Chemical, LLC

Ft. Meade, FL

Consulting and Testing
Scrubber Upgrade

BCI/Cytec Industries Brewster, FL Brewster Phosphate Site Remediation and Closure
Behr Precious Metals, Inc. Rockford, IL Incineration Upgrade
Behre Dolbear & Company Ltd. Denver, CO

Due Diligence Study for Phosphate Company Acquisition

Big Bend Transfer Co., LLC Gibsonton, FL Solid Sulfur Terminal
Cabot Supermetals Boyertown, PA

Project Management Start-up and Commissioning Services

Cargill Crop Nutrition (now Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC) Bartow, FL

Addition of Low Level Flash Cooler and Additional Reactors
NPK Market Study
Modifications to DAP Plant Scrubbing System
Ammonium Fluoride Study
Coating Oil Study
Pond Elimination Project
Rock Mill Conversion
Flow Testing - Mine Site
Large-scale Wastewater Treatment System

CF Industries, Inc. Plant City, FL

Minerals Support Services
Phosphoric Acid Plant Modernization study
Pond Water Neutralization System

Crescent Technology, Inc. New Orleans, LA Minerals Support Services
Duke Engineering Services   Audit of Agrifos, Pasadena, TX
Farmland Hydro, L.P. (now Mosaic) Bartow, FL DAP Cooler Revamp
Fedmis Phalaborwa (Pty) Ltd. RSA Upgrade phosphoric acid plant, including agitators, and control system
Fertecon UK U.S. Phosphate Supply Study
Florida Institute of Phosphate Research Bartow, FL Study of Fate of Reagents in Mining Industry
Fosfertil  (now Vale) Brazil Technical Audit of Phosphate Fertilizer Complex
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation Birmingham, AL Project Management
ICF Kaiser Engineering   Nitric Acid Plant Start-up
IMC Phosphates (now Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC)

New Wales, FL
Piney Point, FL

Ammonia System Piping Review
DAP Plant Scrubbing Modifications
Pond Water Ammonia Stripping Design
Piney Point Water Treatment

Immunex West Warwick, RI Project Assessment / Design Qualification Project
Industries Chimiques du Senegal (ICS) Senegal Phosphate Industry Optimization and Restructuring Assessment
J. R. Simplot, Company Pocatello, ID

Phosphoric Acid Defluorination
Phosacid Plant Revamp
Design of Phosphoric Acid Evaporator
Specification of Spiral Heat Exchangers
Design/Supply of Sulfuric Acid Mixers
Design/Supply of Prayon FSA System

Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation Mulberry, FL

Design of Specialty Chemical Plant Bagging System Modifications

LIFOSA Lithuania

Phosphoric Plant Modernization Study
DAP/MAP Plant Modernization

Ma’aden/Raytheon   Site Location Options for Phosphate Complex
MCK Mining Canada Feasibility Study
Medarex Bloomsbury, NJ

Bid Packages / Project Management
Space Survey

Mobil Mining & Minerals Company Ft. Meade, FL Beneficiation Plant Testing
  Uncle Sam, LA Evaporator Study
  Hookers Prairie, FL Flow Testing & Sampling
Mulberry Phosphates Mulberry, FL Site Water Balance
Omnia RSA Phosacid Plant Audit
PCS Phosphate White Springs, FL

Granulation Plant Optimization
Prayon Phosphoric Acid Plant Revamp

Rhodia Coatzacoalcos, Mexico

Phosphoric Acid Plant Revamp
Conversion of TSP Plant to MAP
Site Modernization and Water Recycle Project

RMI Ohio Soil Scrubber
Rotem Israel Granulation Plant Revamp
A.J. Sackett Baltimore, MD Process Design for SSP/TSP Plant and Turbine Mixer
Serrana Brazil Basic Engineering for Animal Feed Plant Revamp
SF Phosphates, Co. Ltd. Rock Springs, WY Phosphoric Acid Plant Study
SNC-Lavalin Canada Gypsum Disposal Design
Solorrico (now Vale) Brazil Basic Engineering for Animal Feed Plant, NPK, and SSP/TSP Plant Revamp
Surbec-Art Environmental Tampa, FL Lead-shot / Clay Separation Plant
Texuna Group London, England Modernization of Amalyk Fertilizer Plant, Uzbekistan
Ultrafertil SA Brazil

Phosphoric Acid Plant Upgrade
Addition of Low Level Flash Cooler
Entrainment Separator for Evaporator

Uniroyal Chemical Co., Ltd. Bahamas Plant Modifications
WMCF (now Incitec-Pivot) Australia

Cooling Tower Specs – Basic Engineering
Cooling Tower Revamp

World Bank Washington, DC

Multiple Environmental Studies including Reindustrialization Study for Bosnia

World Environment Center New York, NY Waste Minimization Demonstration Project, Polish Fertilizer Industry
Zimphos Zimbabwe Prayon Reactor Replacement